About Us

SK-Pharma is a pioneering global pharmaceutical company. SK-Pharma provides and launches value-added medicines, complex generics, and patient-centric healthcare solutions.
Our mission is to enhance well-being by ensuring essential medicines are accessible to all patients, particularly those in need.

Commitment to Innovation & Personalization
Striving to create a healthcare environment where accessibility, personalization, and innovation meet, thereby significantly improving patient outcomes and enhancing quality of life
Integration of Advanced Technologies
Leveraging data-driven methodologies and state-of-the-art technologies to enhance decision-making and healthcare solutions, ensuring high operational efficiency and responsiveness to market needs
Revolutionizing Drug Accessibility
Committed to broadening access to innovative and essential medicines, focusing on value-added medicines, precision medicine, orphan drugs, and complex generics
Values-Driven Culture
Promoting a culture characterized by teamwork, innovation, divergent thinking, and agility, which fosters trust, reliability, and cutting-edge solutions in patient care, aligning with our mission to provide accessible, efficient, and innovative healthcare solutions
Patient-Centric Approach
Dedicated to deeply understanding the entire patient journey to develop tailored treatments that seamlessly integrate into patients' lives, thereby reducing the impact of chronic conditions on daily activities
Sustainable and Ethical Practices
Committed to sustainability and ethical practices in all operations, ensuring environmental stewardship, responsible sourcing, and adherence to the highest standards of corporate social responsibility. We strive to minimize our ecological footprint and positively impact the communities we serve, reinforcing our dedication to a healthier planet and society.

our history

SK-Pharma Headquarters established in Israel.
The company is developing an extensive supply network worldwide, exporting generic drugs to 10 countries.
Launch of "First-to-Market" first-line antibiotics.
The expansion of the company focuses on specialty pharma and hard-to-get drugs.
Expansion of the company into the oncology and hematology areas with numerous "First-to-Market" blockbusters.
Global expansion: The Balkan region office was established in Belgrade.
Registration and launch of numerous "First-to-Market" ophthalmologic products.
Market expansion in the Balkans with numerous filings in Serbia, Albania, Bosnia, Montenegro, and Macedonia. Numerous first-to-market blockbuster approvals.
SK-Pharma Plays an active role in the fight against COVID-19 in Israel and beyond.
Launch of Esoprim Control, the first over-the-counter (OTC) product, a dominant product in the PPI market.
SK-Pharma established a technological-driven company, DrugsIntel, to harness SK-Pharma's technological advantage under a dedicated entity.
SK-Pharma was recognized as one of the ten fastest-growing companies in Israel in all categories and #1 in healthcare by Globes and Statista.
Establishing a portfolio of more than 100 products covering broad therapeutic areas, including niche, value-added, and first-to-market molecules in various forms and dosages.
Expansion of the product portfolio, significant launches of value-added products, perusing a patient-centric approach.

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