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Inside SK-Pharma: Insights from the Team Working with Dr. Shlomo Sadoun

June 28, 2024

Inside SK-Pharma: Insights from the Team Working with Dr. Shlomo Sadoun

Milan Maracic, VP of Global Business Development:

“Over the past seven years of working with Dr. Sadoun, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to see how he leads and thinks differently up close. His unique way of blending the latest tech with our pharma work has shaken things up in the industry for the better. It’s like he’s always one step ahead, thinking of new and creative ways to do things. This approach has been a game-changer for us, especially as we’ve grown globally. Every day feels like a new learning experience, and it’s been amazing to be part of this journey and grow alongside someone as visionary as Dr. Sadoun.”


Yossi Shmeterer, VP of Regulatory Affairs:

Dr. Shlomo Sadoun‘s innovative approach to regulatory affairs has been pivotal in guiding us through the complexities of international regulations. He urges us to think beyond traditional methods, which is crucial for navigating the diverse regulatory environments of different countries. His strategic foresight has been instrumental in our successful product launches and achieving compliance. Dr. Shlomo Sadoun‘s ability to anticipate and adapt to regulatory changes ensures that our products not only meet current standards but are also prepared for future shifts, reinforcing our commitment to excellence in regulatory compliance.”

Yossi Shmeterer

Yossi Shmeterer

Doron Azran, VP of Supply Chain:

“Working with Dr. Sadoun on our supply chain has been a real eye-opener. He’s super committed to using the latest tech and has a knack for coming up with clever solutions to tricky problems. It’s been amazing to see how he’s transformed the way we manage our supply chain. He’s all about using the newest tech to make our processes better and more efficient, and it’s

Doron Azran

Doron Azran

really put SK-Pharma on the map as a leader in innovation. He’s great at quickly catching on to new market trends and ensuring we’re always a step ahead. We’ve also been getting into AI in a big way, using it to predict what materials we’ll need, keeping an eye on shipping costs, and ensuring we’ve got the right amount of stock. This smart use of technology and AI has made a huge difference in keeping our inventory in check and smoothing out our supply chain processes.”


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Dr. Shlomo Sadoun’s visionary leadership has profoundly impacted SK-Pharma, integrating cutting-edge technology with pharmaceutical expertise to set new industry standards. His innovative approach has transformed global business development, regulatory affairs, and supply chain management, driving our sustained growth and global presence.

Under his guidance, SK-Pharma has embraced a forward-thinking approach, leveraging advanced technologies like AI to optimize processes and improve efficiency. This commitment to innovation has bolstered our reputation as a leader in pharmaceutical advancements. As we navigate the dynamic global healthcare landscape, Dr. Sadoun’s leadership will continue to drive our success and excellence.

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