Orphan Drug Division

At SK-Pharma, our dedicated Orphan Drug Division excels in global market access and distribution of orphan drugs. Our core mission is to enhance well-being by ensuring these essential medicines are accessible to all patients, especially those with rare orphan diseases

Advanced Sourcing Through Technology
We utilize state-of-the-art technological tools to source the latest medications developed for nearly every rare disease. Our procurement process is meticulous, selecting medicines exclusively from trusted suppliers while adhering to the strictest regulatory standards globally.
Regulatory Excellence and Clinical Trials Support
Our operations comply with all pertinent regulations, including those set forth by the Israel Ministry of Health. We are dedicated to sourcing medicines for clinical trials, ensuring timely and efficient delivery of these critical treatments. If you are looking for specific medications not readily available, our team is here to assist in procuring and delivering what you require.
Unlicensed Medicines and Patient Support Program
As your primary resource for all imported unlicensed medicines, SK-Pharma also offers a comprehensive patient support program. Our team, consisting of highly skilled pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, has extensive experience in the importation of unlicensed medicines and providing support to patients during clinical trials. We export both Israeli and international pharmaceutical products to over 60 countries, including the EU, USA, Russia, and Latin America.

Regulatory Excellence and Clinical Trials Support

For rare diseases or less common conditions, such as specific cancer types, the necessary medications might be difficult to procure. With SK-Pharma as your partner, such supply challenges are addressed effectively. We specialize in providing:
Medications that treat rare diseases in the destination country
Special dosages, strengths, and formulations for specific indications
Medications that treat rare diseases in the destination country
Products not yet approved or temporarily unavailable in the destination country
Medications no longer distributed within the destination country

Shipping and Delivery

Your products will be ready to ship within 1-10 days from the country of origin, subject to specific logistical considerations. The delivery timeline varies based on the import regulations of the destination country and your selected shipping method.

Due to our wide-reaching global operations, we do not offer a flat shipping rate, but we are eager to address any specific inquiries you may have regarding shipping and delivery.

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