About SK Pharma

SK Pharma is a group of companies, with global activity including registration,market access and sales of innovative, biosimilar, and generic pharmaceutical products, and R&D of generic formulations and new drug delivery systems.


KS Kim International Ltd. and its subsidiary, Garan SK, are involved in the registration, marketing, and distribution of pharmaceutical products, while Triox Bio and GF Bio are the companies part of SK Pharma Group, involved in the R&D of innovative treatments for Oncology and Antiviral diseases and  of new drug delivery systems.


SK Pharma is continuously expanding and seeking collaborations for the in-license and our-license of products, and for joint development programs. SK Pharma has partnered with top biotech and pharma companies for various projects. Our portfolio includes a whole range of therapeutic indications including Anti-Viral, Coagulation Factors, CNS, Oncology, and many more.


Executive Team

The primary strength of our Extended Executive Team is that it combines the weight of Pharma experience with the scientific knowledge, enabling excellent decision making and action. Successfully leading new products through regulatory affairs and marketing requires special expertise, which our team members have acquired earlier in their careers. Our leadership team has suitable backgrounds in research, clinical development, commercialization, and financing that solidify the route to outstanding accomplishments. Our Executive Board meets regularly to plan and oversee the implementation of GF Bio’s policies.